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Our range of products include mild steel wire mesh roll, micro hole perforated sheet, partition mesh, gi wire mesh and gi welded wire mesh.

Mild Steel Wire Mesh Roll

₹ 90 /sq ft Get Latest Price

Product Brochure
Thickness18 Gauge (1.2 mm)
Opening Size8 Inch
TypeCarbon Steel
Hole ShapeRectangular
Mesh Size20x20 mm
Mesh Number Size11-50
Surface TreatmentMill Finish

Mild steel is strong, which is why it has found multiple uses across structural applications. In addition to having high tensile strength, Mild Steel Wire Mesh  one can expect the component to have high impact strength or toughness properties as well.

Micro Hole Perforated Sheet

₹ 16 /sq ft Get Latest Price

Thickness4 mm

Minimum order quantity: 100 sq ft

Micro hole perforated sheets are specialized perforated metal sheets with very small hole diameters. These sheets are designed to provide precise filtration, separation, or airflow control in applications where fine filtration or precise perforation is required. Here are some key features and applications of micro hole perforated sheets:

  1. Extremely Small Holes: Micro hole perforated sheets typically have hole diameters ranging from a fraction of a millimeter to a few millimeters. These holes are much smaller compared to standard perforated sheets, allowing for precise filtration and separation of fine particles.

  2. High Precision: The manufacturing process for micro hole perforated sheets requires high precision machinery and techniques to ensure consistent and accurate hole sizes and patterns.

  3. Material Compatibility: Micro hole perforated sheets are available in various materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and titanium. The choice of material depends on the specific application requirements including corrosion resistance, strength, and conductivity.

  4. Applications:

    • Filtration: Micro hole perforated sheets are commonly used in applications requiring fine filtration such as water filtration, air filtration, oil filtration, and particle separation.
    • Fluid Dynamics: They are utilized in fluid dynamics studies, microfluidics, and fuel cell research where precise control over fluid flow and pressure is crucial.
    • Acoustic Panels: In audio equipment and architectural applications, micro hole perforated sheets can be used to create acoustic panels with precise sound absorption characteristics.
    • Decorative Elements: In architectural and design applications, micro hole perforated sheets can add a decorative touch while also providing functionality such as privacy screens or sun shading.
  5. Customization: Manufacturers can customize micro hole perforated sheets based on specific requirements including hole diameter, hole spacing, sheet thickness, material type, and overall dimensions.

  6. Challenges: Manufacturing micro hole perforated sheets can be challenging due to the small hole sizes and the need for precise control over the perforation process. Specialized equipment and expertise are required to achieve consistent results.

Micro hole perforated sheets offer unique capabilities for applications demanding fine filtration, precise perforation, and high performance in diverse industries ranging from aerospace and automotive to medical and electronics.

Partition Mesh

₹ 115 /sq ft Get Latest Price

Brandindomesh partition
Colorall ral. color
Size3feet , 4feet , 5feet
Designexpanded & perforated mesh
Frame Thickness2mm

Minimum order quantity: 500 sq ft

Aluminum partition mesh refers to a type of partitioning material made from aluminum, typically in a mesh or grid-like pattern. This material is commonly used in architectural and interior design applications to create partitions, screens, dividers, and enclosures within a space.

Aluminum partition mesh offers several advantages:

  1. Lightweight: Aluminum is naturally lightweight, making it easy to handle and install compared to other partitioning materials like wood or steel.

  2. Durable: Despite its lightweight nature, aluminum is highly durable and resistant to corrosion, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

  3. Aesthetic Appeal: The mesh pattern of aluminum partitioning adds a modern and sleek aesthetic to spaces. It allows light and air to pass through, creating an open and spacious feel while still providing some level of privacy and separation.

  4. Customization: Aluminum partition mesh can be customized in terms of size, pattern, and finish to suit specific design requirements. This flexibility allows for creative and unique design solutions.

  5. Sustainability: Aluminum is a recyclable material, making aluminum partition mesh a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious projects.

Aluminum partition mesh finds applications in various settings such as offices, commercial spaces, airports, shopping malls, and residential buildings. It can be used for dividing workspaces, creating privacy screens, delineating different zones within a room, or enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a space.

Gi Wire Mesh

Gi Welded Wire Mesh


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